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Senior Pastor

Pastor Micah K. Dial

Senior Pastor

Ministerial Staff

Rev. Hattie Washington

Minister of Congregational Care

Min. Stephanie Robinson

Minister of Worship Arts

Missionary Colleen Ferris

Minister of Missions

Min. Milton Saffold

Minister of Discipleship

Min. Comarkco Blackette

Minister of Community Engagement

Missionary Marsha Harmon

Missions Ministry

Support Staff

Bro. Sheldon McCarthy

Director of Digital Communications

Lady Robin Dial

Director of Christian Counseling

Bro. Jose Ramirez

Director of Environmental Services

Sis. Deirdre Edwards

Director of Events

Rainbow Park Baptist Church

2941 Columbia Drive, Decatur, Georgia 30034 Map

404-288-1910 | officerainbowparkbaptistcom