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FREE - DeKalb County 4-H Ag Tech Camp at The Park (June 10th-12th)


ATTENTION: If you don't see your child's school listed on the form please register them for the "community group". Parents please follow the steps below to register your child for a FREE 3 day camp at The Park; June 10-12, 2024 10AM-12PM. Space is limited, there are 10 spaces per group. Cloverleaf (grades 3-6) Junior (grades 7-8) Senior (grades 9-12)

We are excited for your child to join the DeKalb 4H Program!

Step 1

Please click to complete the form to enroll into the DeKalb County 4H Program. This is step 1 in the process.
4H Summer Camp at The Park!

Step 2

Click to register for the June 10th - 12th Camp at The Park. ALSO complete the Code of Conduct, Medication Information and Release form.

4H Team at The Park

Melisenda Dixon

4H Leader

Min. Comarkco Blackette

Minister of Community Engagement

Rainbow Park Baptist Church

2941 Columbia Drive, Decatur, Georgia 30034 Map

404-288-1910 | officerainbowparkbaptistcom